Mirabilism is just a calm, relaxed and sincere attitude in painting, meant to transfer this state of mind to the viewer and by no means is intending to propagate any ideas over religions, beliefs, credence, belief, cultural systems or world views. But nevertheless, Mirabilism might help better illustrate such ideas.

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Mirabilism is the lively art that vibrates. It sticks to your mind. Download

Mirabilismo es el arte vivo que vibra y se queda en la mente Download

Le Mirabilisme c’est un art candide qui nous ramène au présent. Download

Il Mirabilismo è un’arte viva, vibrante. Si attacca alla mente. Download

Mirabilis is de levendige kunst die vibreert . Het blijft je bij. Download

Mirabilismul este arta care vibreaza si îti ramâne in minte Download

Мирабилизм – это искреннее искусство, которое возвращает тебя в настоящее. Download